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"We strongly believe
that circular & self-suffcient living 
should be affordable for all"


We work for the planet first.

Together we want to change one of the most polluting sectors by redefine housing.

 We build circular and fully self-sufficient homes that makes housing construction affordable and sustainable without compromising on quality. All of the construction materials are 2nd hand and refurbished for a new life.

 Thanks to this circular strategy, we not only reduce the waste flow from the traditional construction industry, but as a person we become independent from unnecessary payments that gives ourselves more life, more freedom and more human happiness!

Living on an area of 80m2.

Thanks to a smart design, every space is used without sacrificing the spaciousness that gives us a feeling of freedom. Living smaller and simpler is no doubt the most liberating thing you can do. Free up more time to live.


3Bot, Smart home.

3Bot is a revolutionary digital avatar that will execute your digital needs. It is an unprecedented leap in digital privacy and comes with all the functionalities you need to interact and exchange on the new Internet. With 3Bot, everything changes.

This 3bot also lets you control smart lighting & heating with your voice. There are also 3 touchscreens in each part of the home to control your 3bot manually.


Re-use as part of a circular design strategy.

The linear “take, make, waste” economic model is reaching its limits. The environment simply does not have the capacity to sustain it any more. A circular approach creates an economy that’s both sustainable and profitable.

We use the city as our source. All our materials are carefully harvested and refurbished to new standards by our partner-companies, ready for a second life.


Why we used shippingcontainers as our basic structure.

Currently, there are 17 million shipping containers across the globe. Of those 17 million containers, however, only six million are actually being used for transport or any other practical usage. That means approximately 11 million shipping containers are unused and are just sitting stagnant all over the world. To reduce that amount is one of the main reason we use them as our basic structure for the house.


Self Sufficient

Self-sufficient is unique. You will not only get a better feel for the basic elements of life, but also more respect for nature and the environment. You get to know the rhythm of nature and accept it as it is.

By making smart use of solar panels and a new generation of household batteries, we become completely independent and off the grid. In addition, you also have a considerable water reservoir with filtered rainwater and a reservoir that is filled by an electric pump.

 In a self-sufficient home, conscious use of energy and water is necessary. You can follow the degree of self-sufficiency via a display on your 3Bot, as well as the status of the water level. This creates awareness and active awareness of the positive footprint of a self-sufficient house. Staying off-the-grid is not a romantic dream, but pure reality!


Circular Screw Foundation

A circular screw foundation allows you to use the stable deeper soil layers. This form of foundation is cheaper than a traditional foundation. It is quickly installed and immediately loadable and there is no consequential damage from any subsidence.



Basic Construction  € 55.000
 Kitchenwall - Kitchen island - Bathroom - Shower - Closetwalls - 3Bot

Self-sufficient € 25.000
Solarpanels - Household Battery - Waterreservoir

Total: € 80.000
(excl. shipping)


Grid Connection
Cladding + Reclaimed Corten Steal
Cladding + Reclaimed Wood

Let’s shape our future together!



In order for this concept to succeed, we need people like you, our early adopters will ensure that we can provide many people on this planet with affordable, self-sufficient and circular housing. And that we can halve the waste mountain of the construction industry and reduce their CO2 emissions.

For pre-ordering, there is a reservation fee of €10,000.
(The pre-purchase is not refundable but can be transferred.)

Crystal Home Pre-Order Form